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Helping Brother And Hurting PE


Helping Brother And Hurting PE

Okay not to sound shallow but I wanted to get some input on changing my priorities. I’ve been PE’n for about a year and a half now and have made decent gains, probably a solid inch length and half inch girth. I’m on a routine no of light hanging 1 to 2 hours a day and extender for 2 to 4 hours a day.

Well, my little brother (I’m 48, he’s 28, long story) is having some problems getting back on his feet and I’m thinking of helping him. I’m living alone during the week and have my boys on the weekends. This give me lots of time during the week to focus n PE and I feel my new routine really is starting to provide some gains.

Here is the shallow part. It sounds like he’s at the point he may be sleeping in his car now and showering at our moms (she’s in a senior apartment so he can only spend a night or two a week with her). I’m thinking I should offer him a bed during the week then he can stay with our mom on the weekends when my boys are here. Of course this will kill my PE routine (that’s completely shallow on my part I know) and I wanted to get some input on what you guys would do. Help the kid out and ditch PE until he can get going on his own? Offer to take him in and seriously cut back or stop my routine? If option two any thoughts on a short and sweet routine that might keep progress coming combined with the extender?

I know karma is going to kick my ass on this one for not just helping the guy out….

Thanks for any input.

By the sound of your question you live in a studio with one bathroom? Regardless, it is your little brother. Leave him out in the cold to struggle. He’ll become a stronger man this way, and so will your penis. In all seriousness, even if it was accidental, you laid out both options as helping your brother out. That is because there is only one option, and thats taking him in. He’s family. It sucks your routine consistency will probably struggle, but you clearly know what to do here. Just try and get some alone time if you do live in a studio. If that is impossible, then I would do some stretching and jelqing in the shower as maintenance. The better you help him, the faster he’ll get back on his feet, letting you get back to your routine. Good luck man.

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I agree. Wouldn’t want to leave my brother out in the cold. All the P.e. In the world won’t help you sleep better at night knowing your brother is cold and or hungry sleeping in his car. You reap what you sow my good brother!

Fulcrum stretches in bed at night, id perhaps stop for a week or two. Sometimes a good break and then going in slow once starting again can have positive effects.

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Wear the extender 5 hours per day and get your brother in your house. Or do 1 hour manual routine per day and get your brother in your house.

Well, whatever but get your brother in your house.

Forget PE for now.

You know, it’s Remembrance Day. All those guys who died for their country… for people they didn’t even know?

How can you question whether to put PE before your brother? :shrug: (Yeah, I know you were going to help your bro whatever people said here).

Please - do everything you can to get him back on his feet. He’s your brother.

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I mean, hell. You could always just tell him, “Remember that time I fell on a rock and my dick got cut open? No? Oh. Well it was no big deal. Anyway, my doc says I gotta stretch the damn thing for like an hour a day so I recover properly. Hope that’s not awkward.”

If it were me, I’d definitely help my brother. Just make sure he’s actively trying to get back on his feet. I’m sure you can find a few minutes each day to stretch or jelq in the bathroom. That should be enough to maintain any progress you’ve made up to this point. Once your brother is back in a place of his own, then you can get back to a full PE routine.

Thanks for the input everyone. I kinda felt like I knew what I needed to do before even posting this. Sometimes I error on the side of enabling and end up doing things for family that I feel they can and should do for themselves which IMO inhibits their growth. There is a little more to the story of his situation but I still have a hard time knowing he’s out there. He’s bunking with friends now but I’m sure that won’t last too long.

I had a similar situation .

My bro stayed with me for a year .

But I told him what I was doing and who I was sleeping with ..

He could stay and be okay with what I do in my own home .

He stayed and we’re still buds .

dooks out !!!

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You are old enough to not give a care if he thinks pulling your dick is weird. You are also young enough to have a heart of gold. Don’t turn it to coal!

Originally Posted by PatientlyGrowin
You are old enough to not give a care if he thinks pulling your dick is weird. You are also young enough to have a heart of gold. Don’t turn it to coal!

Thank you !
I am a diamond in the rough . LOL !!!

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I fear that if you don’t help him out, ten years from now you’ll still wake up in the mornings thinking about it, and again every night before bed. I wouldn’t want to look back knowing I didn’t help my family, one of the most basic staples of being a human being.

Then again, having a dick you’re happy with is also vitally important to being a man - sex is yet another staple of being a human being.

If I were you, I’d definitely sit down and brainstorm hard - try to find a compromise with your PE routine that will work while your brother is staying with you. Maybe even tell him about your PE? I mean, he is your brother after all, and it’s not like you’re little gossipy children or teenagers anymore. You’re both adults, who gives a fuck if he knows you tug on your dick sometimes?

At least, that’s what I’d do.

Excuse me . I posted out of place .
My bad .

Smalljay is right , by the way .

dooks out !!!

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You sound like you’re not close to your brother in the slightest, regardless, if he’s an ok fella then help him out.

Perhaps it would be good to give him a length of time to stay, say 2 months to get on his feet.


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