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I was doing my PE routine not more than 10 min ago, I was stretching downward when I let go suddenly is when I felt, what I only can describe to be when you let go of a rubber band when its stretched there was no pain but my penis feels different than usual and it seems hard to get an erection (similar to trying to get one after orgasm). I should be getting hard pretty easy but that is not the case. PLEASE HELP!

Sounds like a lig pop (pretty normal and not very harmful). Everything else seems anxiety related.

Just take a few days off to play it safe. But I’m sure you’ll be fine by tomorrow.

Its probably just a lig pop as Grocery Store said. Don’t worry, you’ll be all right

Its weird because I was getting somewhat hard with the heat warm before, I obviously didn’t stretch with a hard-on, just scared because I can’t get hard 10-15 mins later. It feels like the cavernosa isn’t even there though, I like to think that I would be in somekind of pain right now if that were the case. Hopefully good nights sleep and wake up it will be back to normal.

Thanks guys, my life flashed before my eyes. I’ll take a couple days off. It sucks because this is my 2nd day of my 2 on 1 off and have havent had a 2 day in a row since fri thurs last week

Have gotten maybe 50 percent erection, but nothing significant today, will rest till monday.


So from what the senior members have told me, I experienced a lig pop last night. I stopped my P.E. For the evening. I havent gotten a full on erection all day. Should I wait for this ligament to heal? If so how long? If not what can I do (P.E wise and keep in mind I feel like I even get a semi-erection for jelqing)

Originally Posted by malax001
Have gotten maybe 50 percent erection, but nothing significant today, will rest till monday.

Don’t try to get an erection at all. This is key. Don’t even think about your dick till at least Monday.

Thanks Grocery Store, I wish you would have told me last night, I tried managed to get a semi, but that was all. In your opinion, how long should I rest and when can I get back to work?

Don’t worry about a lig pop. Years ago, people thought it meant growth was coming. Now, people just say that it’s indicates nothing good or bad.

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Don’t you have another thread devoted to this exact subject? Don’t start multiple threads for the same topic!

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Originally Posted by malax001
Should I wait for this ligament to heal?

if it is a ligpop their is nothing to heal. Give it a few days just in case. If it still doesn’t feel right then it wasn’t a ligpop.

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Thank god for this post. I just had the same issue (except I felt a pop when stretching downwards), it really didn’t hurt but it worried me slightly. I tried to get an erection right away to make sure (Got a 70% one, which it is hard for me to get one after my routines anyways cause my penis tends to be tired) so my worry pretty much subsided. I just had to be extra sure so I came on here to look.

Sorry CLGP7, I thought that one was asking people what it was and the second was healing process, I’ll keep it in the same thread next time.

Originally Posted by SenchiZ

it really didn’t hurt but it worried me slightly.

More power to you sir. Back in the day when we were first encountering lig pops it has us all pooping on the office chairs that we sat in to hang.

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