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Hey guys, I’ve looked around the site to fid out what the meaning are in many of your signatures. Things like BPEL EG and the other ones I can’t remember them.


If you hover your cursor over the abbreviations it will tell you what they are. But BPEL and NBPEL stands for bone pressed length and non bone pressed…..EG is erect girth. But for the future try it with the cursor and it will tell you the common abbreviations. Welcome

Damn .. I have been obsessively reading this site for a month now and I never realized that you could hover over the abbreviations like that. I wasted a lot of time with the search engine as a result.

I guess that it was a good thing .. It forced me to read a lot more threads than I might otherwise have.

Thanks a lot. However I don’t read this stuff on my PC , but on my iPhone. :D

That info (along with a lot of other important newbie stuff) is also readily available in the Newbie Forum

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