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Help :

Help :

Hello Guys this is my first post in here, don’t laugh about my english, I’m from Poland
At first I want to say that I have waste a lot of time doing wrong excercises.
I also fight with quick erections with not hard enough penis, and my bc muscle is still very weak.
And please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to have massive anti air craft black cook to destroy whole universe, I just want to make my girl orgasmic happy
Please tell me how to start to have effects, not to waste time.
Jesus Christ I feel so great after write this post hehehe

Greeetings from POLAND

Welcome. Trust Thunder and follow the newbie routine to start

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

“And please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to have massive anti air craft black cook to destroy whole universe” Some people here want it, does it make them bad? :D

You’re right, love is the key in relationship, not massive weapon. But I want both :D

Happy PE!

Thank You guys :) Honestly I didn’t expect that there is such friendly atmosphere in here :D
Please tell me something about the progress of You’re PE. How long was You’re anti air crafts at the beginning and how long are now? When You saw first effects? Maybe You have got some advices which methods are the best to have great effects.It will be very help full for me.

Thank You once again:D

Hi cinaci,

PE = marathon, PE ≠ sprint. Be consistent and do not over train.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

My cock looks like a pornstar’s even though it’s only 16,5cm NBP. It was around 13-14 when I first started, I did some jelqs before joinin thunders. Then I started newbie routine and now I only stretch.

But yeah, results have come. And I super glad. Do not quit, sometimes you’ll probably lose motivation but don’t quit. You’ll reach your goals eventually.

Thank’s Kjdeet I hope I will see the results of PE soon :)


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