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Hey fellas. Forgive me mispell some words. I’m doing this from

My iPhone and I sometimes make mistakes without realizing it.

My question is:

I’ve peen PEing for so long on and off. Mostly off. I’m completely busy with school and football. I was wondering if you fellas had any advice for when to do it. I have a roommate who is on my team so it’s kind of hard to be alone seeing as how we are always together. Our days are literally from 6am to 6pm, non stop. I am completely dedicated to this bit it’s hard to maintain a religious routine because of how little time I have alone. Trust me. After a 12 hour day, energy is a definite issue.

Final question: what is do you think an average/reasonable time to achieve a 2 inch increase in legth and 1 inch girth if I follow a strict regiment? Thanks for taking the time to read this. God bless and happy holidays

Try this thread. It contains a lot of suggestions on How to do PE when you have a Room Mate

And for the time you need to achieve this goal, I don’t think there is an answer. It depends on your penis, your routine, and other factors. I don’t want to discourage you, but this goal need a lot of work. And I think that in order to accomplish this, you need to make PE a part of your daily routine.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot. You’re absolutely right. I have just recently found a bit more motivation to do so. I’m going to check that link out now but thanks for the help.


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