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Um what is a kegel again?

I don’t know which video shows you how to kegel

Which video is kegeling?

You already know how to kegel. You just need to learn the word. The muscle you use to move your dick up and down, that is the muscle. It has a name and the action is the kegel. They are just words. So, you know how to do it! :)

Does I have a video whats the name of the video?

If you flex your butt/penis muscles, then you can see it in real life. Trying to help here. I think it may be language issue?

Best wishes!

I know what the muscle is

What is the exercise called?

IS the video called jelq squeeze the video for kegeling?

So just shake my butt muscle?

Take a piss. In the middle of taking a piss, stop pissing. The muscle that you use to stop pissing is the muscle you need to exercise. You do not have to be pissing to flex this muscle.

You can shake your butt if you want to, I won’t tell anybody.

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