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I’m doing pe I’ve done it for two days and my cock is sore I’m having tmorrow of the two days on one off and I don’t like mi rountine please give my times and explantion on how to do it

I find it hard to believe that someone who lives in Australia, their English is bad. Yes, if your penis is sore you should take a day or two off until the pain goes away. Next time, don’t apply too much pressure or whatever you did to cause the pain in the first place (if you know, that is). Seeing as your a newbie (I think, but am sure :) ), you should do the newbie routine posted on the forums. The newbie routine is there to help you condition your penis in preparation for the more intense exercises down the track. Good Luck :)

Originally Posted by drilla9
Give the Forum Guidelines a read when you can 71anubis, cheers..

I take it he never read them then drilla?

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We only want the earth.

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