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I woke up this morning and when I went to stretch my penis, IT WAS SORE! It hurts to stretch it only. I have been doing about 20 minutes of stretching for the past 2 days. How long will this take to heal? Is soreness good? Does this mean growth?

It is normal to experience some soreness from a PE workout, especially when you’re just starting out.

You’ll probably find the soreness will leave in a day.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Will I get Growth, will this stunt growth????

I dont want to mislead you, soreness does not equate to growth, it’s simply a response to the tissues being worked.

Opinions vary, but I tend to think moderate soreness is a good thing, as it shows tissues are being taxed beyond their normal limits. Like regular (non-pe) exercise should leave you a bit sore the next morning, I correlate that to PE.

We’re talking minor to moderate soreness, nothing extreme at all.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Are you positive it will go away in a day? Absolutely positive? Can I check the severity of this to determine?


Where did you feel the soreness? If it was in the head or the area you were gripping to stretch, then you probably need to either change your grip or go easy for a week or so to let the skin and soft tissues adapt so they can handle the intense work you are doing.

If the soreness is in the ligs (on top of the shaft attached to the pubic bone) or in the shaft itself (tunica), then keep doing what you are doing. Stretch as hard as comfort will allow - if it is uncomfortable then something is wrong, usually this means you are pulling too hard for the level of fatigue you are at but if the soreness is more of a sharp pain this is bad. Short answer is - dull ache in the ligs or shaft is OK, sharp pain anywhere is bad.

Good Luck

Yes, it is mainly at the bottom of the shaft and it is just soreness not a sharp pain. I am going to rest today. SSJ do you think it will heal in 1 day so I am ready for tomorrow?

I was thinking, should I stretch because my base of my penis is sore and tender? I mean if it is the ligs I think it would make sense. The soreness is at the BASE of the shaft.

I also felt a bit sore when I started, and continue to feel this way after a good workout, but I found it has a lot to do with the intensity of the routine (obviously) and it goes away in a day or even less.

What I do is massage it from time to time, or heat it with a wrap.
No sex though.


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