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ok i am new in here and i was wondering what should i start with to enlarge my penis and is it ok if i can subscribe to some penis enlargement pills or no…would i have to be constantly using them? thank you

Hey yayo,

Read for a couple of days, then see if you can answer your own questions. If not, then ask.

I just validated your membership 2 minutes ago and you are yelling for help already??? Start with this forum. Read all the posts here and see that your questions have been asked over and over before, and there are many answers to your questions already posted.

Welcome to the forum !!!

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A good starting place is the Newbie Routine:

Newbie Routine

As for the “Penis Enlargement” pills, don’t waste your money on them. They haven’t proven to increase size. They might make you hornier, but that’s about it.

Another great place to look is here

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