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Help with thickness

Help with thickness

Hey I just started pe recently and now my head is smaller but the middle part of my penis is thicker! Is there any way to fix this because it’s weird and I haven’t had morning wood recently

Oh great so now it looks like a snake that went and swallowed a cow? What were you thinking.
How’s your eye sight doing?

No morning wood maybe an indication of over training, and a hundred other things.
You didn’t actually say anything about what form / style of PE you’ve been doing.
Not to mention what you’ve been eating, drinking, smoking, how much sex you’ve had lately, masturbation, supplements, medications,
stress, anxiety, and basic sleep habit. Get the idea yet? Kegels however do seem top help with this issue. So does the search function.

Being that you stated you only recently started PE, I think the fat shaft little head thing is pretty much normal. A lot of people experience this. I know I did for few. It all evens out for most. But here’s a test you can preform if it really concerns you:

Get some lube and slap that wanker silly. I’m talking beat it like a red headed step child. Get that pecker good and rock hard. Think about your high school teacher or your friends little sister. Hell think about your sister if you need to … wait that was one of my sick fantasies, or was it my sisters friends. Probably both, but I’m digressing here.

At any rate, get your dick really freaking hard to the point of where one more stroke and you’re going to stain the curtains. Now look down at your dick. Use a mirror if you have to. Did things even out for you? Does the head of your cock resemble a ripe tomato ready to burst? And most importantly, and not that it matters now, but does it appear basically proportional to the state that the rest of your dick is in at the moment?
Okay then, the test has now concluded. Finish yourself off, hide the hand creme, clean up, put your sisters panties in the hamper, and go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

Did anyone not understand? We’ll cover turkey neck and hair migrating up the shaft in tomorrows installment.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

I have no idea why I liked reading that so much. :spin2:

I have every idea.

Now 8 x 5

Goal: 9 x 5.75

That was pretty entertaining.

Lemme try that but lets hope I get that morning wood back :(

Okay before anyone gets upset, yes JLe2k I was making an attempt at humor at your expense.
I know you can get a little freak about something like that. I’ve written a little bit about my lack of morning wood in the past.
It can be an indication of over training, but as I stated there’s a lot of other things that can effect it also.

I’m a heavy smoker. I didn’t have ANY morning wood for over 10 years. I thought it was normal. I was estactic when I first started PE and the return of morning wood was the first that happened. That was also about the time that I discovered that the lack of morning wood isn’t normal.

About the other thing also.

I remember one day when I first started getting into pumping. I had pumped pretty aggressively one afternoon. By the time I had ate dinner that evening and got ready to go out, my dick had swelled big time. It looked like a freaking soda can with a ping pong ball on top of it. Part of me was like, fuck yes look at the phat beast. Another part of me was thinking Oh’ shit. Not to mention it look strange with such a fat shaft and little head in relation.

I had already planned on getting freaky with the ole’ lady that night, and now I’m thinking how am I going to explain the obvious strangeness of my dick? Well my desire for some poon got higher ranking than my concern over appearance. Then when my dick got hard and it came time to pull it out, everything was more than alright.

The fatness of the shaft stayed, and now that I was hard my head had swelled too. Her eyes were wide. It looks….(pause) … heavy, was all she could say. Watching her attempt to get in her mouth was a beautiful site indeed that night. That’s what prompted me to write the smart ass response in the first place.

Don’t worry about it too much. I think it’s pretty much normal until things even out. The morning wood should probably be of more concern.
It has been discussed a lot around here before. Search around or fill us in on more details and maybe someone can relate something that might be of help or interest to you. Thing is, when one person’s a smart ass around here it seems to set the tone of the thread and then someone might get offended. It’s easy to be a smart ass after you’ve already freaked out on yourself for the same thing, but it’s also why you can be a smart ass.

Okay, hope that was a more empathetic response.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Awesome thanks for the information

You people are crazy.but freakin hilarious.

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