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Help with Therawrap question.

Help with Therawrap question.

Is a Therawrap just a generic name for a therapy wrap that you can buy in any old store, or is this actually a brand name therapy wrap that is great for PE? I am asking this for a couple of reasons. One, I don’t want to buy the wrong product, Two, I want to know for what purpose the Therawrap is used (clamping, ADS, etc.). Third, I want to know for what body part I buy unless this is a universal wrap (what I mean is if I buy the wrist wrap or the arm wrap, etc.)

In a nutshell, what is the Therawrap and what are it’s purposes?

I did a search, and I’m asking because I’m confused on what it’s true purpose is intended to be. I was seeing it used for jelqing, ADS, hanging, and maybe even clamping.

I think “theraband” is the brand name you’re looking for. Search and you will find lots of threads on where to find it.

From my brief reading of this, is it exclusively a hanging device?

I use a theraband substitute for an ADS. Read about it here:

New ADS tutorial

For hanging, I think you’d want a different type of wrap, just search for “wrap” and you should find good info. Here’s a thread:

Wrapping drawings

For jelqing, I’ve never heard of anyone using a wrap.

For clamping, I think Big Girtha recommends neoprene (isn’t that the homedics TheraP wrist wrap with the magnets cut out?)

I’m pretty sure that the theraband is universal. But you can use the stuff I use for an ADS instead of theraband and it works just fine.

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