Help with routine

I am new to this board but not to PE all together. One trend I have noticed is people saying how important routine is. This has made me think that even though I have made gains without a routine, perhaps I could have made more with one. MY problem is that I very rarely get anytime alone and if I do it is no more that 20 mins at a time eg. When I shower. So that has led me to a very erratic PE regime or lack of.

I am just really wanting to know if there is anyone that has a successful routine for minimal time, if that makes sense. My main aim is girth, well pretty much my only aim. I jelq and Uli and stretch but just need some kind of system to it and no matter what I try to come up with it never seems to fit into my insane lifestyle.

Any help at all would be awesome but just a nudge in the right direction is really all I need I guess.