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Help with RIGHT newbie routine

Help with RIGHT newbie routine

I’m pretty much new to PE.

I have researched the site and such..

I found these two routines and can’t find which would be better to start..

Newbie Routine


NEW newbie + advanced routine

The first one recommends like 200 jelqs and the second recommends only 10-20?

I’m confused on which is best, I just want to start out easy and learn what’s right and not kill my penis.

Starting Stats are in signature.. Looking for both length and girth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - GCU

Age - 18 * Hobbie - Weight Lifting / PE

Current Stats: Goal Stats For Now:

BPEL = 6.5" BPEG = 4.75" BPEL = 7" BPEG = 5.5"

Seems like most people urge the main newbie routine, with some modifications sometimes.

As of 1/1/2009 - 6.25" BPEL // 5.0" EG

I’m using the newbie routine and started with this:

5-10 minute hot wrap. I use the bed buddy which you microwave. I found that keeping the wash cloth hot enough was more trouble than it was worth. The only upside was that some of the natural body oil was reduced and the surface of the penis had a little more friction to allow for a good grip.

I use the VacADS in order to ensure a grip which is stronger and more consistent than using my fingers. I used powder-free latex gloves prior to this and they worked fairly well.

I started doing 30 second stretches in each direction (forward, up, down, left, right), 2 sets for each direction.

After that I performed 200 Jelqs with a three second stroke from top to bottom. At first I counted them out to make sure I had an exact number, as it took me awhile to be consistent enough with the length of the stroke to put it on “autopilot”.

After the 200 Jelqs I would try and get my penis as engorged as possible for awhile and then masturbate to finish things off. Of course the masturbation part is completely optional.

After that I heated up the bed buddy again for another 10 minutes of warming. One thing I’ve done while warming up with this particular apparatus is to lightly stretch out the penis and then lay the bed buddy on top to keep it from retracting back to it’s normal flaccid state. I also made sure to place part of it around the base of the penis and where the penis inserts into the body.

For weeks 1 and 2 I did this routine.

For weeks 3 and 4 I increased the stretch set length to 45 seconds, and increased the Jelqs to 250.

For weeks 5 and 6 I increased the stretch set length to 60 seconds and increased the Jelqs to 300.

After that I have kept the stretches the same (not sure if I should increase the time or not) and have worked up to 400 Jelqs at the 2 month point.

Ok, I guess I will start with that (have already done some but taking a break for blood spotting to go away)

.. Whats the bed buddy? I’m not familiar with it, I just use hot water on the wash cloth and then half way through I put hot water on it again.

Age - 18 * Hobbie - Weight Lifting / PE

Current Stats: Goal Stats For Now:

BPEL = 6.5" BPEG = 4.75" BPEL = 7" BPEG = 5.5"

And the correct answer is whichever one works for you.

A great advice for newbies is “Never change something that works!”. (“Never change a winning team” ; I know)

As long as you are getting results carry on with it.

Once result stops, change the work out.

Choose one work out try it for 2 weeks if there is no change go for the other work out.

By change I mean E.Q and P.Is mostly.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I think the bed buddy is just a warm pack that is heavy enough to act as a kind of “paperweight” while keeping everything warm. You could also Google it.

Ok thanks fellow PE’rs

Age - 18 * Hobbie - Weight Lifting / PE

Current Stats: Goal Stats For Now:

BPEL = 6.5" BPEG = 4.75" BPEL = 7" BPEG = 5.5"

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