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help with progress

help with progress

I am just starting the whole PE thing and my measurements are 6.25” long by about 4.75” girth. Anyone who has started around this size and has seen growth, how much growth and in what time intervals? thanks

It’s different for everyone. Stick with the newbie routine for a few months to get the base gains/knowledge/form down and than consider different excersizes and schedules.

Check out my thread — I started at a similar dimension … however your gains are yours only, there really is no way of comparing that type of information. Just jump in and let the gains come. Don’t look back, always stay focused and look forward to seeing your goals be achieved and you’ll get to wherever you need to be. Read up on this forum like crazy and you’ll find what works for you.

STARTING STATS -- 9/15/07: Bpel 5.7" • Eg 4.7" • Fl 4" • Fg 4"

4/15/09: Bpel 7.2" • Eg 5.125" • Fl 4.25" • Fg 4.15"

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Good advice about the reading Neophyte.. the more you know, the more you’ll grow. And what Jake said about sticking with the newbie routine is absolutely true.

I experimented with some more advanced exercises while on the newbie routine and it worked out alright for me, but it might not be so good for everyone. The newbie routine might not seem necessary to some people but it definitely is. It gets you used to the pressure you put on your penis, and prepared for more intense pressure you will be applying. And while your on the newbie routine you’ll have plenty of time to read and gain knowledge.

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