Help with mAking gAins

Hi, I first started helping for 6 months, I’m a frequent masterbater so I just helped with my master nation practices. After 6months didn’t see much gains so I started pumping. Been pumping on and off for 1&1/4years. I started out with the bath mate which worked great at first but then I noticed my balls, the vas deferens, were swollen as hell freaked my out! So I switched to a smaller diameter tube.

My starting stats, as I have not really seen any growth or improvement, are:

Starting 10/01/2014
Length: 7.5inches
Girth: 5.0 inches

Now: 07/29/2015
Length: 7.5inches
Girth 5.3 inches

Length: 9inch
Girth: 6-6.5inch

I have a 12inch long 2inch circumference tube, and I can’t seem to pack the tube, even when I pump for 1-1.5hours 5-15min sessions with massage inbetween I still don’t pack the tube, like 1/3 of my dick packs the tube, the other 2/3rds don’t. I just started to go above 5hg pressure to try to do something. Never have I pumped to the point where I can’t get hard. I can always get hard when I pump. I go up to 7.5hg pressure now, what should I do from here. Just bought a heat pad, haven’t started using it yet.

I try to pump and help as regularly as possible but life comes up quite a bit for me. Any tips as to how to pump more efficiently and help walk me through the PE routines would be awesome.