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help with length

help with length

Ive been PEing for about 3 months and have a simple routine of stretching and jelking in the morning while in the shower and then in the evening I do some 2-way length exercises. During the day i do about 500 PC flex holding them each for about 5sec. I started out with 5x4.5 and am at 5.5x5.5 now sometimes 5.75x5.5. It seems that girth is gained more easily than length. I have big hands and a small penis…can you reccommend any other exercises that I could do comfortably to increase length

Thanks for your help

Hey thinking-big,

Sorry it took so long before anybody responded.

Your initial gains are quite impressive, so you must be doing it right…congrat’s!

Your size is now above average so don’t consider yourself small.
And don’t underestimate your girth gains - 1” thicker is a lot more important for sex than 1” lenght.

You may want to add v- sretches, uli’s and squeezes to your routine. Look around and read about them, then ask if you have a?
And of course hanging is an option too.

Good luck.

BTW, good work with the kegels! Did you notice the effect of the stronger pc muscle on your ejaculation distance?


What is the two way length exercise, i am having trouble with girth, can you give me any advice. Your gains are huge, you will get your length pretty soon anyways, so it appears. Any advice you could give me or a description of your workout would be helpful. Maybe i am missing something. I just do jelqing and sqeezes.

Girth Gains

Thank you for your replies and the boost in confidence!

I’m not sure what the v stretches are, but i will research and give them a try.

My current routine is done every other day execpt on weekends…so basically i PE on Mon, Wed, and Fri. I start in the morning with warming up using the hot washcloth method only while warming I do about 50 Kegels to help get the blood flowing better. Then I (added to my routine) do stretches for about 15min. I then do the jelks for about 30 min — I find it hard to keep from getting a hard-on while doing this excerise, so i have to stop ocassionally to let it go down. After the jelks i do the 2 way length exercise for about 10 min. then some squeezes for 10min. My whole routine takes about an hour.
During the day I do several hundred Kegals holding them sometimes for 5 sec rest 5 sec and sometimes 10 sec rest 10 sec. and sometimes just see how long I can hold it. My wife really enjoys the benefits of this exercise.

Above is my current routine…..i changed some of the times that I was exercising and also I do it all in the morning instead of splitting it up like I have done before.

The 2-way length exercise is done like this:

fully erect make “OK” grip at the base of your cock not so tight that you stop blood flow but a good firm grip. with your free hand start at the base with an “ok” grip (just tight enough to move blood) and slide up to the head then go in the other direction from the head to the base — this is one rep.

Sorry for the long post



I’m sure I read somewhere that reverse jelqing is dangerous? Any comments vets?


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