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Help with girth

Help with girth

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on girth exercises. I have been doing the newbie routine off and on for a few years (more off than on), and I have noticed an increased girth. I have gone from 4.15 EG about four years ago to about 4.6 EG now, but now my growth is slow. I would really like to get over 5” EG. I have been doing PE almost every day since early March, so I think I’m ready for some more advanced techniques if they work. I know clamping is popular, but risky. Has anyone had success with other forms of girth enlargement aside from the newbie routine or clamping?

0.5” increase is super. You could do some manual clamping and squeezing over some time and then add the clamp.

Yes, clamping could be risky and not something you will do without warming up real good. Start with say 5 minutes and add over time. I never do more than 10 minutes in one single session.

Try pumping.

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Pumping is good, but don’t over do it. Most gains are prominent with light pumping, heavy pumping results in edema or temporarily swelling. I learned this the hard way.

You can take supplements for temporary gain, like yohimbe and ginko biloba. While these are only temporary they might help with recovery on your rest days.

For me, I have noticed jelqing works the best, especially when done in a hot shower with vaseline.

Hope I helped

Why is clamping risky? Once conditioned, clamping technically is safe enough to do without a warm up. This of course is just based on my experiences. I never had an injury btw.

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Never say never clubber. From the 6 month of reading almost every day for 1 hour on this forum I think snowjack my friend you should start clamping. Slowly. Maybe return on this thread and share your clamping experience afterwords.

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I didn’t get any girth gains from jelqing but I am from clamping. Just be careful. You should be conditioned enough by now to do try it.

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