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Help with getting gains!!!

Help with getting gains!!!

Okay, so I’ve really been doing PE i guess since the middle of last year and so far I’ve made no gains at all.

When I first started I noticed that after a couple of days the two veins on either side of the penis got more noticable but then after another couple of days they went away again and I changed nothing in that time frame.

The same thing happened last week as well: Thicker veins, harder erections etc but then it went away after a few days and I’ve been exactly 15cms BPEL for about a year now which is really really annoying because I really want some extra length. (As no BP is like 13cms or something)

Also, sometimes I find it hard to get and keep and 80% erection when jelqing.

It is so annoying when some of you report such amazing gains and I’ve gotten nada, zip, zilch, nothing.
And as a result I find it hard to stick to a routine because I’ve got no incentive.

I’ve tried both wet and dry jelqing and it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference which one I use.

Also, I find it really hard to get a comfortable grip on my penis when trying to stretch. I end up with a sore penis before I can feel a decent stretch.

:’( This is so dang annoying.

Help! lol

Watch porn when jelqing to maintain an erection.

How long have you done your routine for? What does it involve?

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Present: 7.55" BPEL x 5.55" GIRTH (1 year progress)

Future: 8-9" BPEL x 6" GIRTH

Generally I stretch 4 or 5 days a week for 5-10 minutes and jelq for about 10 minutes and then I probably lapse after a couple of weeks when nothing happens. so it ends up like 2 weeks on 1 off. I’ll also do the BTC thing as well when It is convenient.

Here are some possible indicators:

After jelqing my penis will only really hang a bit better for maybe 3-5 minutes before it seems to retreat lol

The top half of the shaft will get redish while jelqing but this doesn’t remain after I stop. (Unlike in the pictures of your model)

I mostly stretching in a downwards direction, but the only place I’ve been able to feel an actual stretch is along the sides of the penis and to do that I have to stretch down and to the opposite direction.

At the moment I’m going to do the newbie routine to the letter just to make sure but otherwise I’m kind of lost.

Theres nothing wrong with jelqing at a lower erection level, it will just probably target length more than girth. I personally don’t like jelqing in front of my computer so I’ll do squeezes if I want to bring it up a little.

Make sure you are doing jelqs correctly. When doing your first stroke up use your free hand to feel if blood is being forced up. Try different holds to see what your most effective way of pushing blood up is. From my understanding, quality is better than quantity. If you jelq properly you don’t even have to squeeze too hard.. Everyone is different though. Do your ligs get sore after stretching? If not pull on that sucker harder. Maybe do bicep and triceps exercises on your week off. =]

Don’t lose hope man, I know how frustrating it must be. I think it took me a year before I really saw a gain. I still can’t really gain any girth but I’m still trying. Just keep at it and make PE habitual so you don’t even really think about it. Gains will come.

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Goal: To gain that evasive girth I so desperately need.

With the newb routine should I do it every day or take days off? If so, how many, and when?

Originally Posted by emanonami

With the newb routine should I do it every day or take days off? If so, how many, and when?

Most people find that a 2 day on and 1 day off works well for them so you should try that. Also try using a softer grip when jelqing and also try using a little less force when stretching. A lot of people have also changed their routines to much lighter ones and have seen rapid gains.

19th Feb 2012

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