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Help With Dry Jelq

Help With Dry Jelq

I have some issues. I have begun doing the dry jelq; however, as soon as I start my cock gets a full blown erection like I am gonna whack off or something. I have done the warm-up for 5 just feels more pleasurable with the hot rag and my erection gets bigger and harder. What should I do.

Another question.when I Jelqued a little last year with a 80% erection my dick’s head what intense pressure, would get really large (like bulge out) and what grow very dark in color. Is this normal?

First problem is very common. Try thinking about something repulsive or sports or something. In time you will be able to handle it without getting a hard-on.

Second question, you want to get good expansion in the head. Mine gets glassy looking followed by little bumps at the very end of the stroke. It getting dark in color means you are getting good blood flow to it. However, be careful. There is such a thing as over expansion and you can injure yourself.


Yes RTG is correct. I found on starting Pe I got a stiffy almost all of the time. Now after months of PE I find just steping in the shower to ‘warm up’ I get a real good ‘semi on’, ready and willing to work out. You will find that with time and training you can get your cock to almost harden and soften at will. Mental PE goes along with physical PE almost all of the time. If you get a boner during a workout just relax and it will subside, over the days and weeks of your routine you will literally be able to control your penis anyway you wish during training and at bedtime - this is the biggest Godsend of all.

Good luck with your training cajones822.

Thanks for the reassurances glad to know I’m not the onl one who has had the problem.

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