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Help with clamp/pump/jelq routine

Help with clamp/pump/jelq routine

Hello guys! I need some help to get an effective routine consisting of pumping, clamping and jelqing. My intentions are to gain as much girth as possible. I´ve tried a few different ways of combining the different methods but I want to know what you guys (the pro´s) think. Is it preferable to clamp one day and pump the next? If so can I do that very day? Clamping one day on one off and pumping one day on and one off? Or is it better to both clamp and pump the same day and do that one day on one day off? Maybe I should do it one week at the time? On pumping days usually pump for ten minutes three times a day and on clamping days I usually clamp for ten minutes three times a day. I throw in some jelqing before clamping and after pumping.
I also have a lot of sex, almost every day with my girlfriend maybe I should take that in mind when setting up a routine.

Thank you all for all the great tips/ Hallifax

I’d suggest that you throw in a little jelqing during your pumping session as well. I’ll leave the clamping advice to others, except to observe that I have heard of some who clamp immediately after their pumping session; and to note that this is pretty strenuous, and thus to watch your PIs and EQs.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I like to clamp after my pump session. I you do it this way, there is no need to clamp hard, just use enough pressure to hold your post pump result. Then you can edge your huge clamped post pump erection. Most excellent. :up: :up:

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Thank you guys! Gprent// I tried your pumped clamping and it’s working great! My flaccid becomes huge the whole day. How many times a day do you recommend me to do this? Now I´m doing it only once every other day, a bit scared that if I would do it more it would lower my EQ and I have no time for low EQ since my girlfriend wants to have sex all the time.

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