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Help with chemical PE for a newbie

There isn’t any proof that caverject can give permanent enlargement. A multiple hours erection can damage peremanently the penis, so true that to avoid permanent damage people who have priapism are traited with a siringe that sucks blood from their penis. I’d like that disinformed people wouldn’t spread rumors as certainty; you have only one dick guys, when it’s broke it’s done.

Have a good read guys


No, sorry, I ain’t squeamish but my penis perfectly fine in order for me to consider taking a needle (let alone a knife, if we talked about surgical enhancement) to it. Hell, I wouldn’t even take these pills that claim to help with manual PE. You never know what kind of crap they cut them with!

I’ll stick to manual PE. Like bodybuilding, unless you put in the work, drugs won’t do anything. They might leave you worse than before!

Chemical enlargement works, just takes alot of time and must be careful.

The chemical PE sounds like a hoax to me. No one should inject IGF or IGF like factor in their body. Remember we used to have inhalation insulin? It was recalled because of the increase incidence of cancer. I don’t know why anyone would use Caverject when we have oral PDE-5 inhibitors. Neither Caverject nor PDE-5 inhibitors increase penile length.

Check the bottom for results

“The patient’s erect penis increased from 5.6 inches to 7.7 inches (about an 38% increase) in length and 3.2 inches to 5.3 inches (about an 65% increase) in girth over the 6-month treatment period.”

There are other cases, it’s pretty detailed

It is my understanding that those cases aren’t checked by anyone, are only claimed by the author of the patenting request. About the study who supposedly backup those claims:

“Eur Urol. 1991;20(4):301-6.
Histopathological change of corpora cavernosa after long-term intracavernous injection.
Hwang TI, Yang CR, Ho WL, Chu HW.

Repeated intracavernous injections in healthy monkeys with 2 kinds of vasoactive agents [papaverine and prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) 3 monkeys each] and normal saline (2 monkeys) were conducted in this study. The purpose was to observe the effect of long-term injection on histopathological changes of the cavernous tissue, as well as the change in drug sensitivity (dosage dependence). Different dosages of the same volume (double, single and half dose) of these 3 agents were injected, twice weekly, 10 times alternatively, with rigidity and maintenance of erection recorded. After long-term injection (papaverine group: 37, 60, 60 times; PGE1 group: 26, 60, 60 times; normal saline group: 60, 60 times), all monkeys were sacrificed and the penises were collected for light-microscopic (LM) and electron-microscopic (EM) examinations.

Dose-dependent response with reversed drug sensitivity was found in the papaverine group, but only elongation to tumescence was found in the PGE1 group, even with double dosage (probably because of scarce PGE1 receptors in monkey’s penile tissue). Histopathologically, mild to moderate fibrotic changes and distortion of normal architecture were predominant findings in LM while aggregation of mitochondria, irregular shape or atrophy of cells were obvious in EM observation in the papaverine group. On the other hand, limited fibrosis with preservation of corpora cavernosa and hypertrophy of smooth muscle were noted in the PGE1 group. This study indicated that less histopathological change occurred in the PGE1 group after long-term intracavernous injection.”

So the experiment, performend on 5 monkeys, caused fibrosis and changes of the penile architectur. Sure it is something you want to try for yourself. An overpumped squamish penis will cost less and will be less dangerous (ans ugly, probably) than one subjected to that shitty treatment, I guess.

It’s hard to ignore Ronielle’s results because of his countless before and after photos. I also have seen that there are a large number of other people who seem to have followed in his and the patent’s footsteps in other forums (e.g., bodybuilding forums). I’d say the most convincing remains Ronielle, however, primarily because of his photos. All the detail of some of the others in their posts also gives an idea that they seem to be pleased with results, given how long they have continued with it and their ongoing enthusiasm, not to mention reported results.

Of course, it’s inherently much more dangerous than both manual PE alone. But I don’t think they are necessarily crazy. For some people manual PE alone doesn’t work. Additionally, some people are simply at wit’s end, not able to satisfy their wives etc. I try not to judge. It’s easy to dismiss something as crazy. But it’s also possible to understand that the potential rewards might outweigh the risks for some people.

Where are those b/a photos?

Edit: have you noticed that the guy advice the use of jelqs, pumping and extenders? That the length of the treatment is two years? How can you say is the chemical causing the growth and not the natural PE?

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I’m not saying I’m absolutely certain that it works. I’m just saying some of the evidence is very convincing. Basically the same story as manual PE. The ones who have reported best results seem to do both chemical and manual PE together. For one thing, I think things like jelqing might reduce risk of fibrosis. That’s what Ronielle does it, at least. But also because maybe a part of why manual PE works is that it stimulates receptors in the penis, a bit like reactivating puberty, if you will. A primary reason I am willing to believe there is something to chemical PE is that people who have stopped growing from manual PE have reported new results after adopting chemical PE. Another reason is that the rate of growth appears to be higher. Like I said, none of this is by commonly accepted scientific standards or anything like that. My assessment has only been according to the same kind of standards by which I believe that manual PE works.

Ok, but the poin is: if you believe that manual works, it is hard to find convincing evidence that Chemical PE works, because it could be the mechanical part that is giving gains.

Interesting to note: Ronielle abandoned most of the supposed miracolous (so to speak) stuff; topical hormones are not going to work, this you can trust. So what he is doing boils down to abuse of erection drugs and mechanical PE.

The same is true for other chem pe protocols; doctors who advise trimix and/or caverject and jelqs+ 30 minutes per day stretching, like Dr. Adams: well, I really can’t remember anybody doing 30 minutes of manual stretching per day and not having gains. Do you see my point now?

Yes, and I agree that that is key to the question of whether or not chemical PE works. Like I said, there are people who report getting a lot more out of chemical PE than they did out of manual PE alone. The jury is still out for me. I want to see more logs and more photographic evidence. The pair are hard to find even for only manual PE though, which has been around for much longer with countless practitioners. There really isn’t much motivation for people to share their results in the first place. The things that have looked most interesting to me are PGE1, TB4, and topical DHT. My hunch is that none alone do anything. But the combination of them with manual PE might work pretty well for more than just the few people who have reported good results so far.

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Ronielle himself has abandoned DHT, bro.

Dht doesn’t work. Two friends of mine tried with no gains, one in this forum, joeblackny.

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Is Ronielle still doing chem PE? I thought he’s been at a point has already gained a ridiculous amount and maybe winding things down in general. no-pain-no-gain, your friends were doing DHT and nothing else? In the patent (and seemingly in the perception of chempe people in the main) it’s referred to as a “potentiator” rather than as something that would do anything by itself.


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