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I’ve been doing my regular routine for a couple of months now and I haven’t really seen much of a result. I basically use the jelqing technique and I also use the method of holding the head of the penis while contract the PC muscle. I just want any advice on any new methods or an overall new routine that I can use to develop more results(mainly from those who have experience and have had good results). I don’t want to try the newbie routine because I have looked through many forums and have seen that many people are disappointed with the routine so just give me your advice or just an overall new routine. THANKS

How many jelqs do you do? You need to give more detail. You’ll find most people here gain with the newbie routine.

I was doing about 500 jelqs a day but I have to admit I sometimes slacked off and didn’t do it. The jelqs I did were fast compared to how this site instructs you to hold for a couple of seconds. Basically I had gotten all my information on how to do jelqs and such from a different source.

I did a wipe lashed sort of procedure used to draw blood into the head area. I did this 100 times.

And I pulled the head of the penis as far as possible while contracting the PC muscle. I did this in sets of ten until I reached 100. Then I did a basic warm down with a warm towel.

Should I change anything or move on to newbie routine or what?

Why don’t you try doing the jelqs the way this site explains and see how you gains come.

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