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HELP What's going on

HELP What's going on

Hey guys,

I kinda ran into a little problem.well not little, BUT IT’s GOT ME GOING!!

Usually during sex I’m not that easy to stop. I usually last fully satisfy my girlfriend, well time-wise at least.
However, this weekend was a bit worrisome. After my first orgasm, I had to literally beg my member to get up. (It usually stays up and I could go on.and on). Could it be from over - jelqing?

Banger69 and Chrono both suggested that 300 might be a bit much. I was really disappointed. After some ‘persuasion’ it eventually got up.but..

Any bit of advice? I’ve been jelqing religiously for 1 1/2 months now and I’m considering taking a week off or something. I did notice an increase in girth and glans size (slight) but no length gains. Any suggestions?

I know I’m new in the game, but.

Take a week rest. Soak that unit with hot/warm compresses. Should cure it up. Been there before so do not worry. Have a bit of fatigue right now. You want strong erections all the time. If they are not present morning noon and night take time off and rest.

Don’t put too much thought into it. Be happy that you can still do it more than once. When I was younger I used to go two or three times easy. Now I cum once but they are earth shattering orgasms that leave me near comatose. As with most things, it’s not the quantity but the quality that matters. (does this apply to dick size too? hmmm)

300 Jelqs is alot. Maybe you should cut back a bit IF you think it has something to do with it. You know your body better than anyone else but there is some good advice here to be had.

Besides, what thoughts were running through your head when you were having sex with her? What’s going on in your mind has alot to do with what’s going on with your penis.

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Thanks Trailrun,

You just answered a question I was going to ask. I am not as sensitive as usual since I started PE. I get real hard and cum real hard, but I get a little numb during sex. I have stopped for 4 days. I was getting ready to measure too. Oh well. better safe then sorry.


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You are welcome. Anytime we can help each other out on here. Yes I had a bad case of this for a month or so when I beat the heck out myself. Loss of sensitivity. Loss of erections. Loss of libido. It was terrible. It took a long time to recover. I am close to finding out my perfect amount of pe. The hot compresses are great to restore sensitivity. You will be back in a week. Just leave it alone.

300 jelqs may be to much for you. Try half of that see what happens.

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Sometimes less is more. Always try to start out doing the least amount of work first. Your body might be able to gain just fine. Soon your body will adapt and then you can increase the reps. Why start at a high number of jelqs? I started out doing 100-125 jelqs ever other day and got good gains for almost 3 months.

Thanks guys.

I’ll take a week off and start back with less jelqs, say 150. I think Coolbill hit the nail too. I started to focus on my ‘insecurities/problem at hand’ rather than enjoy the moment. My orgasms are stronger (comatose stage!) but I’d like to maintain longevity as well. I’m all open to advice, so thanks guys.


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