Help wanted

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t measured myself in a long while and haven’t been able to do P.E. At all.

I want to gain length more than anything.

.I wanted to get some help from you guys before I attempt to restart my P.E from beginner status.

<B>I will only say this one time : I only want mainly length gains and a thicker base.

The reason why I don’t wanna gain more girth is because I love my girth the way it is.Plus, I plan on self sucking when I get the length I want

For those of you who are going to ask : ” Don’t you plan of pleasuring women?”

The simple answer : No.

The longer answer :

I like my penis and I’ve grown fond of it. Even as a baby it was bigger than I was (I wasn’t a normal sized baby mind you.)

You could say that me and my penis have come along way together.

Why should we have to change for someone else?

We’re changing for personal reasons.

Please feel free to post as many helpful links as possible.