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Help Stretching technique

Help Stretching technique

Hi guys, I’m starting the newbie routine but am having problems stretching properly.

The issue is not what type of stretches I should be doing, but how to do them. I follow the advice given in the manual, which suggests gripping your unit about an inch behind the glans, then stretching. The problem is that I am uncut, and so my grip rides up towards the glans, and starts pushing up against it as I add force to stretch. I don’t think this is good technique.

Has anyone had this experience, and come up with a solution? I’ve tried pulling back the excess skin and then gripping, but I still seem to have the same problem. I’ve also tried gripping really hard, but still it happens.


Put blood in the glans to keep the position of your grip.

Originally Posted by Bird2

Put blood in the glans to keep the position of your grip.

I think this is what he’s worried about, thinking that it might be too much pressure for the glans, I think as long as you experience no pain or numbness it should be fine. I have been a little confused at how to stretch properly, I guess Ive been doing it fine all this time.

I’m also experiencing a band of discoloration, and it seems to be right where my stretching grip is. This is after less than 4-5 short (but perhaps too intense?) newbie routines, too.

Anyway, I’ll try pumping some blood into the glans before I grip and report back.


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