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Help strange lump

Help strange lump

Hey all, haven’t been PEing for long, maybe a month total on and off. Any way about 2 weeks ago I noticed a lump under the skin. I read a bit on thrombosed veins but I can’t see a vein anywhere near it. It’s quite hard, about the size of a match head or a bit bigger. I have had about 2 weeks off and it hasn’t got any smaller. It’s not sore or anything, but I know that can mean it’s worse. please help fellas I’m freaking out!

Spider bite? A cyst? Tracking device implanted by aliens?

I really don’t know, have you crawled through the injury forum?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

No just thought id post here first in case I got flamed for asking the same questions over and over

Below are a few links having to do with lumps from the injury forum. I used the advanced search function: search term “lump”, and specified the injury forum. Guys with much more medical knowledge than I have keep advising taking a lumpy dick to the doctor in case it is something weird like a cyst that might get infected. I have always been from the cut it out my self and back the hole with kangaroo sh*t school of thought.

Underskin Zit
Lump ‘in’ penis ‘on’ urethra/dorsal vein?
"knot"-like lump

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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