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Help please

Help please

I have a slight concern about my routine maybe is too much for a newbie although I have a previous experience with an ADS for a couple of months last year.

I m on my 3rd month of PE and I already have over-trained soreness and uncomfortness twice.
First it was in the end of the first month due to a sex-week-marathon simultaneously with DLD’s beginner’s routine which I think is too heavy for a newbie so I took a week off and changed it to jp’s 90days beginners’ routine and everything was fine.
But last week it was the second time of feeling some uncomfort at my glans, even with the JP’s 90-day routine.
So, I think the 5 days on 2 off is too heavy for me so this week I m starting with 2on 1off for the rest of my conditioning and that’s it.
The situation which I need help with is the routine. I want to change it again with a softer routine like LINEAR/(beginners or advanced) BUT I think that going now from a hardcore newbie routine like the one I m into -(I m already now 15-20 minutes stretching, 200jelqs, 100V-jelqs)
Will not help me at all. Maybe I have to maintenance the routine and slow down the pace a little,then change it, I don’t know..
Also I have see everything positive+ signs (PI, EQ, morning woods, flaccid gains, VEINS) but no erect gains yet, I ll give it 3 months for the first EL gain

Any experienced help would be very thankful,
Sorry for my English and my references to another Site’s routines

Thank you Thunders place for opening your registrations again

There is nothing wrong about going to a less hardcore version of the newbie routine, if you think that your current routine is too much.

It sounds like you are just about on the level of doing too much, and pushing into the area of soreness though. So maybe just removing some intensity or quantity of your routine will be enough.

Good luck brana. Your English is good, and don’t worry about referring to another site when asking an honest question.

Thank you zowee very much for your fast response and I found out that masturbation is the reason I crossed the limits of over-training both times..

Although I masturbate once a week! I m thinking of cutting it off, maybe once a month


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