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Help Please

Help Please

Ok, well when i was registering i was just trying to find names to use, and i hit enter on this one by accident, i do not want to use this one, so could sumone erase my account so i can re-register please and thank you. thanks

Thunder will no doubt see this thread and offer to change your name for you, what name do you want?

i dunno, it doesnt really matter i guess. ill post a couple to use just in case their taken.

1) CockAsian
2) Need4More
3) iam.canadian

thank you, but then how do i know what name to sign in as, my email account is pretty messed up. leave me a post on here and ill check it back to see. thanks again

I think that’s a cool name in this community - so, why to change it? :) Gimme some more etc..

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

ok, well it doesnt matter to me. ill just use it i guess… thanks


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