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Help please.

Help please.

I have about a 5.5 inch penis and today aswell as past experiences I’ve had problems

I can’t get it in her like when she’s ontop of me and I put a condom on and I try to put it in her I just can’t is there any advice any of you can give me please as you can imagine this is pretty stressfull

Different positions

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Any idea on what .. I’m a virgin because of this sittuacion and it’s happened a few times : S

I don’t think that your problem is length related at all

You’re a virgin? Why didn’t you just flip her over?? You silly silly man!!!

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Do you go soft? Not enough lube? She’s too tight?

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Welll it’s been more or less a combination of me going a bit soft when I put the condom on and the girls being a bit tight :S ..

Would it be easier if she’s under


Your problem is very similar to mine. I found out that the condom was actually too tight, this actually affected my erection. Are you using a condom like Durex Extra Sensitive Condom? If that is your problem please get another one.

Else just go for missionary position and remember be gentle.

Take care.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Illl try that :S I mean I think the girl mite be up for giving it another try because I talked with her today and stuff and she was treating me nicely and stuff.. Like yesterday when all this happened I was real wasted not achohol though so nothing that I know of that has effect of erection and when we stopped trying witch we tried very little a few mins she grabbed my hand and blew me.

Do you think a good idea would be to tell her I’m a virgin and that if she like wants to teach me I dunno how to go about this situacion.
I don’t think the condom is to tight I actually want one that fits tighter because it dosent seem that it’s even tight on me



I do not think it would be adequate of you telling her you are a virgin. I mean this in the sense that you should actually enjoy and show her you enjoy every moment spent with her rather than start up by telling her about your insecurities.

Also do not start thinking that you’ll loose your erection because you might as you do not have enough blood in your body to run from your head to your penis at the same time. Just kidding.

Take care.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


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