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help please ..

help please ..

I have a question

Ive been doing PE for about 5 months now. Ive been jelqing for 4 months only. This month Ive started a bit streching. I wonder should I stop jelqing now cause I want to gain 100% lengthgains but I dotn want to lose my girth ones from jelqing, cause of the fact many people say girth exer. effect lenght ones in a negative way.

help please


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I’ve read that jelq exercises can affect length negatively AND positively. Maybe what you mean specifically is that jelqing affects length gains in making them more difficult to procure. This does appear to be true based on the reports here, and even I have experienced it to a slight degree. My girth went up a quarter inch, and my length gains slowed down. But that also could have been due to reaching a plateau.

As far as what to do, far be it from me to tell you since I’m not one of the more knowledgeable ones here. However, my recommendation would be NOT to cut the jelqing altogether. Your gains may not have cemented. Try stretching, with reduced jelqing to keep your penis fit and limber in all directions. S’my 2 bits, whatever it’s worth

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Jelq at a low erection level (20-40%) to hit length

Do both.


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