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Originally Posted by LowSelfEsteem

About an hour after I do PE, I can get a very solid erection (much better than normal). However, I don’t know if this is because my penis is so small that I have excess skin, but during jelq’s it feels like i’m tugging skin so that I have to pull it back with the other hand. I tend to rotate hands but I find myself using 1 hand for the slideup because the other has to be holding the skin back the whole time. Is there anything wrong with using this procedure? Also, I find my penis shrinking like 10 minutes after PE, but I can still get a great erection a little while later, any suggestions on the shrinkage?

There is no problem with using one hand to jelq and the other at the base to hold the skin. I do this myself, and it’s good.

You can make use of the hand at the base, not for only hold the skin, but you can use it to make a firm grip around the base. This will ensure that the blood doesn’t escape from you penis as you jelq, which help in maintaining the required level of erection.

About the shrinkage, which become very bad in cold weather, I think there is some sort of sleeves that can be used on the penis to prevent it from shrinking. I don’t know much about this, maybe someone here can help with this??

Originally Posted by LowSelfEsteem

.Does anybody else have the problem with excess skin? Also, what should I do with the post-PE shrinkage I get, especially from the cold (I like near lake eerie)? I saw something on eBay for sale, it was a small weighted ball that you attach to your penis to help it hang. Would this be something I can use to help combat the shrinkage throughout the day and post-PE?

Thanks again

When you say excess skin, what part of the penis are you referring to?

To combat post PE shrinkage, I just reach down and give my penis a good 5-10 second stretch at various points throughout the day, I.e. At the urinal, around the house, really whenever. It doesn’t have to be super obvious to people around you, sometimes I just grab my penis through whatever pants I’m wearing and give it a 5-10 second pull. Also, you could try wearing flannel boxers or some other type of warm underwear. Coldness causes vasoconstriction, which means less blood to your penis, which will destroy a lot of the gains you make.

Like pegain was saying, you could just make some sort of sleeve for your penis by cutting up a sock or two and sewing yourself a cloth tube that will fit on your penis. You really don’t need any skills with needle and thread, just some patience. If you’re feeling ambitious you can add some insulation or flannel on the outside of the tube. Use your imagination, it shouldn’t be too hard to think of something. Who knows, if you get a nice idea and post it, it might become the next big thing since the bib hanger!

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Originally Posted by slipstream
Holy crap, man. I’m dying to hear more from you. Your attention to physiological indicators is a very interesting anecdote for me, and I’m sure many others, here. Can you generalize how many jelqs these indicators ended up being for you at various times during that year? Did you jelq multiple times per day along with the stretches? Did you gain at a consistent rate, or did the gains decay over time? Detailed measurements on a time line would be fantastic, if you can share that.

Congrats on your gains!

Thanks for your interest in my post. I think that a lot of men look at PE way too mathematically, it’s not a precise art.

To answer your questions:
1)I never kept a consistent log of my growth because no matter how fast I grew it was never fast enough for me, so I’d get discouraged if I kept regular measurements. I also found it to be tedious and it was harder for me to get motivated to do my exercises. This might be the exact opposite for some people, and that’s fine too, the point is to do what works for you. I can tell you that I remember getting the first half of length very quickly in the first month. This is a well documented and common occurrence that is based in the fact that ligs and tendons stretch much more quickly than the spongy tissue in the penis can be expanded.

2) I never kept a consistent log of how many jelqs I did either. I tried to for a month once, going from 200 to 250 to 300 to 350 etc (these numbers refer to total number of jelqs per day, not jelqs per set) each x number of days, but I found that type of method to be grossly overgeneralized. I just naturally increased my number of jelqs as my penis became more accustomed to being handled and exercised because over time I was able to do more jelqs before getting sore. I mentioned in my article to underestimate the number that you need to do and work your way up from there to your natural limit, and I stand by that. I can tell you, however, that I remember doing a few sets of about 50 when I first started, now I do sets of (roughly) 200-300.

3) As mentioned in the previous answer, over time, your penis’s threshold for handling increases. Since I always worked up to whatever my threshold was at the time, I achieved regular gains.

4) Like I have said, I never kept measurements, but I feel like my best growth occurred during the periods of time when I was jelqing in smaller sets 2-3 times per day.

Need anything specified or have additional questions? Your answer is only a request away.


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