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Help Please: Injury

Help Please: Injury

Hi, I did PE for about 3 months. I now have a very uncomfotrable felling at the base of my penis. I am assuming it is the suspensionary ligaments. I do not feel any discomfort while flacid or erect. Only during activity. After a few minutes of activity(sex or matustar) I start feeling a lot of pressure like I am going to have something snap.

Any advice for this? Will it ever heal fully. What are some good osts about ijuries? i am guessing that a lot of hangiers have to deal with problems like this. I am really really depressed.

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I can’t help you much, but if you could describe it a little better it will give people a better idea and somebody will answer you.

It it a sharp pain, a dull pain? Does it throb? Does it hurt only when pushing in, or pulling out? Where does it hurt? Inside? outside? All around? Just anything like that, things that you notice about it and describe it might help. Somebody will probably ask anyway, before they can say much to help. Good luck.

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Goinforgold, keep your hands of your dick for a while, no PE and no sex. If things don’t get any better in a week or so, go see a doctor. Good luck.

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How long ago did you get this injury?

Can you link it to any particular exercise? If not, what was your routine?

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