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Help please, I am confused.


Help please, I am confused.

Ok I was browsing the forum and I found Uli’s routine post from old PE forums. The gain claims of Ulistretch sound really interesting indeed but I have a problem:
I don’t seem to understand what he is doing about in his number 3 step which is the core excercise.
I guess it is critical I am not sure what is this “meatus” thing.
Aint’ it the urethra hole that stays on the glands tip?
And then if this is the meatus what does it mean 9 1/8” circumference of it?

Oh and I am not sure I understand the “engorge” terminology
Does this mean “engulf?” ?? maybe with the rest of your fingers griping the penis thing or does it mean “swell” ??? maybe with interior blood pressure(by the squeeze) the rest of your penis?


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Try this.

Go to the FAQ forum, look at Size’s PE glossary and also the quick start to PE by Lil. That should give you a pretty good grip:) on the Uli concept. I am not sure why the wording was used in the post you refer to. Sounds like he has a mighty big piss hole, don’t it? I assume that what was meant was the largest point of circumference for the glans, but I am not sure. Either way, stuff in the FAQ forum should clear this up. groa

Re: Try this.

Thanks for your guidance but I already did.

I still don’t understand the significance-meaning of this engorgement.

By the way do you believe he can have a 9 1/2” gland circumference?

I don’t want to be a disbeliever but it comes hard to me.

I think Uli may have used the wrong term. He was probably refering to the coronal ridge and his large measurement may be easier to believe if you measure along the ridge line. Which will give you a rather larger circumference as it is not a standard girth type measurement.

Perhaps one day Uli will return and we can ask him.

What are you having problems with as far as the exercise? The engorgement is to increase the blood holding capacity, therefore the size.

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The problem was as I am not english my doubt about “engorgement” meaning of the word in that post.
In the dictionary has 2 meanings:

So I wasn’t sure what the guy wanted to say there.Was he pushing ahead blood into his penis like you said to swell it or was he pressing it with a grip made from the rest of his fingers to squeeze it?
I guess from what you said it’s the first.
Correct me if I am wrong in my guess please

Comes hard to you?

Shit, think about his ol’ lady! Seriously dude, I don’t really know what people measure or how they measure. I take it at face value. Actually, back before the troll attack, I always thought that particular post on the “nearly 9.whateverthefuck at the meatus” was by a fella named Alcatraz2. It says Uli on the post now, and perhaps I was wrong and it always was Ulishrike with the beer can glans. I wish Uli would just clear this up for the sake of my memory, but no big deal either way. The engorgement stuff is just pushing more blood into the penis. Notice when you jelq or do a PC flex while erect, the head becomes larger? Notice the size change from flaccid to erect (your dick gets bigger) as blood fills it? Well, another way to put it is that your penis is being engorged, IOW, filled with blood. Same thing you are trying to achieve with the Uli…forcing more blood into your penis to stretch it by using your hands in conjuncion with your PC muscle. Kinda like a jelq, but you don’t go all the way to the head. BTW, these types of Q’s are better suited for the Newbie forum so do abide, please. Thanx. groa

Alcatraz reposted Uli’s thread because the original was taken out by the troll. Will found a copy of it in the WayBackMachine and I “borrowed” it for the archive.

UIShrike and Uli are two different guys.

I moved this thread to the Newbie Forum.

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Re: Comes hard to you?

Thanks and again thanks.

I see...

I always wondered about that. In fact, I think you tried to explain this to me a while back. Sometimes in takes a (long, long) while to sink in…and then a bit longer for me to understand. groa

What is before the troll?

If you dont mind if I ask? I keep seeing you guys say before the troll & was taken out by the troll. If somebody cares to tell it. I would love to hear the story. :afro:

the troll story

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived 3 billy goats gruff. Daddy billy goat, Mummy billy goat, and baby billy goat. One day, ………

Hmmm think I’m on the wrong track. ;)



Nice try! But I heard that story. I wanted to know about the troll that ThunderSS & groa were refering too. I guess you dont know the story either. But hey thanks for trying! lol :babe2:

A troll wiped out almost every thread at pe forums when they were with EZ Board.


Whats a troll?

How did they do that & why?:water:

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