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Help Please Help

Help Please Help

Aite So Here Is The Deal. I Think I Have Destroyed My Penis Due To Years Of Overmasturbation. My Eq Is Super Low Prob Like A 1 On The Scale, I Can’t Remember The Last Time Actually Had A Fully Hard Erection And Never Have Mourning Wood Or Night Woods Either. I Can’t Even Maintain An Erection Long Enuff Fo A Full Sesssion Of Pe. My Penis Has A Weirf Way Of Getting Hard It Like It Doesnt Really Gorw Bigger Anymore Just Gets A Little Harder. I Aslo Believe Masturbation Has Shrunken My Penis. So Here Is My Question Should I Just Jump Into Pe Or Take Some Time Off And Just Do Kegels Untill My Eq Is Up. What Can I Do Is There Hope For Me , Has Anyone Been Through And Reverse These Efeects With Pe. Someone Please Help My Beat To Shit Dick.

You should leave it alone until it heals. Playing with it or doing pe right now will only make it worse. Don’t touch it for a month and see if you recover. If you don’t see any improvement, make a doctors appointment and go from there.


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What the hell? It would have taken so long to capitalise the first letter of every word. Trolling?

You can’t ruin your penis from over masturbation unless you’re beating it with a hammer to get off. So it might be another problem.

Anyway take a break for a week or however long you like from masturbation/sex and do some kegels, don’t start off with more than 5minutes though, I think. Then do the newbie routine but for God’s sake take it easy.


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