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Help on advanced techniques. What to do after starters

Help on advanced techniques. What to do after starters

Ok, so I’m about to start with PE. I am intending to dedicate to it the needed time every day and go on for the months/years until I reach my goals. However, after reading a lot of posts of you guys, I saw many started with the noobs routine, but after that, there are so many paths I have found and I would like some advice on which ones to follow. I mean, have read about so many routines, exercises scattered around the forum,

I mean, can anyone of you guys recommend me what to do after the starters routine and what to do after that (considering that I would like to gain as much length as possible, I’m fine with girth)? Can I get some summarized advice on some of the advanced techniques out there? I would like to plan what to do throughout the whole process from now, maybe that way it will be easier for me.

Thanks a lot.


Hi caniche!

I had the same problem you are facing now after completing my newbie routine.I know so many guys here report gain using different methods, like “marinera” suggested do some more search to have better idea what you really wants.

If I had to suggest any I would go for “hanging and dry jelqing” but some people gain the same by just pumping or jelqing. This is why I decided to do some research and stick for the one who people report more gains view my statistic here: PE and statistic in term of real gains

I think that everyone is different and you should experiment with a bunch of different exercises to find which ones work for you. What may work well for someone else may not work so well for you because we all start with different sizes and shapes. For example, a person with lots of length may want to focus on girth exercises.

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