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Help on accurate measurements

Help on accurate measurements

What would be the correct way to get accurate measurements?

Do I measure length/circumference? Length/girth/depth?

For flaccid/erect?

Push against the fat pad or just start at the base where scrotum attachs to penis?

Measure to tip of head(that is where the foreskin terminates) or stop at where glans ends?

Also, which type of instrument, say ruler or measuring tape would be better?

I would say the most common measurement for length is a “Bone Pressed” erect length measurement (BPEL).

That is , with a solid ruler placed along the top side of the shaft with the base against where the penis and pubic bone meet and to then push the ruler against the bone , through any fat pad that may be there.This tends to give the most consistant results as long as you use the same amount of force each time and your erection levels are consistant too.

I think the standard way to measure girth is with a thin piece of string wrapped around the erect shaft (normaly at midshaft or base) and to make a mark on the string where it meets.Measure that length to get an “Erect Girth” measurement (EG)

Measuring flaccid Isn’t really that reliable as so many factors affect the size of the flaccid penis ie. Time of day , temperature , exercise and others.

That said , another way of measuring while flaccid is “Flaccid Stretched Length” (FSL).For consistancy I would do it exactly the same as a BP measurment , the only difference being that with one hand you pull the glands out as far as you can. This can be good for tracking gains that have not yet transferd into erect length.

Hope this helps and anyone , feel free to correct me on anything,I’m still a newbie myself!

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