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Help Numb glans.

Help Numb glans.

Let me start off by saying I.. Hate.. Myself. I’m so stressed out right now.

I stretched my penis too hard months ago, and my glans went numb. A week later the feeling came back, so what did I do? Stretched it again (jack ass). Now it’s been over two months, just to think that week was hell. Now I’m at 2 fuckin months!! I actually went to a neurologist, he checked me all out, everything is gravy. He said it’s probably from my stretching, no shit. I left with nothing, he didn’t even give me any advice on how to make it heal quicker. He said it should heal, but stop aggravating it. I even asked does it return to normal though? He said yes, unless you keep damaging it then it will less likely return to normal. Great, just great, I’m already 2 in the hole now, for causing damage. I can’t take it anymore, I want to go meet some women. Now I’m afraid if I even masturbate I will damage it further.. WTF?! I need help please..

Does anyone have any solid advice on how to make this thing heal quicker?! I’m trying my fuckin hardest to not touch it, but my God it’s so hard. I really wonder if this is some damn test of God, showing me patience, because I never had any. And I’m freaking out now, I can’t take it.

I’m on Vitamin B Complex now, and just waiting, and waiting, and waiting.. Please help.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Go see a shrink.

In your position, I would eat raw fish, usually with raw fat, at least three times a week, to help heal nerve damage. I would not rely on sushi, though, which fish has usually been flash frozen at negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing it’s efficacy in helping regenerate nerve tissue. If I were not sensitive to oysters, I would eat a couple raw oysters, dense in zinc, every few days. I would also drink a pint a day of fresh raw celery juice with a little parsley juice. (A pint of celery juice is roughly equal to one bundle of celery.)

In the meantime, I would preserve my healing resources my abstaining from masturbation and ejaculation. If did feel that I would succumb to temptation, though, I would not fear that it would greatly impede the healing of my penis, as long as I kept those actions moderate. I would not especially abstain from sex with women, as long as I did not go at it very immoderately, until my penis healed.

I would embrace an activity to stir my optimism. Meanwhile, I would not feel very alarmed.

I do not pose this as a replacement for your own judgment; these are simply the main things that I myself would do.

Nah I don’t need a shrink.. I’d understand if it was just mental.. But I have physical damage to my penis.. Just pisses me off that I never damaged my penis to begin with.. And right as I come to the conclusion I never did.. I get nerve damage.. It’s just horrible.. I’ll just have to deal with it.. What else can I do? Ugh.. I just hope to GOD that it fully heals before next year.. I’ll take care of my mind by myself.. But this nerve damage is just really pissing me off.. Now I have to make excuse to not bang girls.. Just f’n sucks thats all.. Ugh.. I’ll try my very best to stay off my penis.. Like I said what other choice do I have.. Thanks for the replys.. And thanks for the mental help instance.

You asked for help. Yet you seem to disregard it, when it is given. Real-life people, alive today, have reliably healed nerve damage, worse than yours, with the first two foods that I indicated to you. You do not have to take merely my word for it, either. Yet you continue, seemingly ignoring this, in distress over your fate. If, really, you cannot consider help unless it is already familiar to you, why ask others for help. Your judgment, applied with real scrutiny, is different from your knee-jerk reaction.

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Maybe try heat in addition to rest and diet. You could do a few warm wraps throughout the day, or get a lamp and get some good infrared heat on your unit.

Do a search for infrared and read up. There was a thread about heat helping speed recovery a while back.

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Warm baths? I’m going to try that, I swear if anyone wants that patience tested.. Get some nerve damage.

Not warm baths, warm wraps. For example, a cloth soaked in warm water, or a sock full of rice heated in the microwave.

A warm bath wouldn’t hurt though.

God gave me: 4.75" BPEL / 5" EG

Currently: 6" BPEL / 5.25" EG

Goal: 7" BPEL / 5.75" EG


A month ago I pulled a ligament on the left side from stretching too hard to the right and it hurt and burned and bothered me for a few days till I went to the doctor.He prescribed IC CARISOPRODOL 350mg wich is a muscle relaxant . It works on the nerves to relieve muscle pain. Also he prescribed IC DICLOFENAC 75 mg. It is also a used to relieve swelling and inflamation.I thot it wouldn’t work but it did.Fine now.Hope I could help a little here..


Well you have certainly mastered how to make it heal slower.

Originally Posted by refresh9
I’m trying my fuckin hardest to not touch it, but my God it’s so hard. I really wonder if this is some damn test of God, showing me patience, because I never had any. And I’m freaking out now, I can’t take it.

You know what they say about how if life gives you lemons? You can freeze those bastards solid and throw them at people, they hurt worse than a league base ball! Hell you could probably kill someone if the pointy end hits just right!

OK, forget that.

Yes, I would use this as a valuable gift from God. You are being offered a life lesson if patience and self control.

I would definitely read up on visualization, imaging, self hypnosis, etc., as an adjunct to healing. Plenty of solid evidence to show that is often what makes the difference in healing nerve damage. It is also often what makes the difference in successful PE so you will be mastering an all around good skill to have.

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