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Help needed

Help needed

Guys, the gland on my penis has developed a white patch about the width and lenght of 2 grains of rice stuck side to side.

I use a penismaster and dry jelq a little after.

Am i experiencing normal discolouring or is there something else going on? I was so worried I went to see the doc, most embarresing. She quickly ruled out infection etc and put it down to an age thing (im only 30!). Has anyone else experienced this?

I have noticed my penis head gets cold and goes purple when using the penis master for too long so I am careful to remove it and massage after no more than 30 minutes. Could this be the cause?

I have had good gains initially but rested since this white area appeared. As for penile function, I am experiencing the largest erections I have ever had and have no issues with sensation, erection strength etc.

Can anyone offer any help, Please.


Since you dry jelqing try picking up some vitamin e oil. Is that patch where the penismaster grabs you?
I think your doing the right thing with the penismaster and taking it off your dick should not turn purple. If you have the time why don’t you hang instead.

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If a doctor sees no problem and you are experiencing no other complications you are probably okay. I would keep a very sharp eye on it, though. Maybe snap a few picks of it alongside a small object to gauge whether it spreads or receeds over the next few weeks.

Skin (dis)coloration issues are one of the more perplexing side-effects of PE. Answers and solutions are very hard to come by, but on the whole most cases seem to gradually correct over time. Just be honest with yourself about what you are willing to tolerate as it relates to gains vs appearance.

Thank you for the responses guys. I’ll keep a close eye on it. I haven’t looked into hanging or what it is about but will take a good look now. Thanks again.

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