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help needed please

help needed please

i need help badly i am very unhappy with my penis size both length and girth and there is a girl that i like and i think that she likes me but i am to afraid to get into a relationship because of my penis size i would really appreciate any help/tips on increasing my size as quick as possible at the moment i have under 6” in length i am not a virgin and although the girl i slept with never said anything i could tell that i left her unsatisfied and this has left me terrified of getting into a sexual relationship so please anything at all would be appreciated thanks.

You will win the girl with your personality, not your penis. Act like a man not a dick.

If you think the girl likes you, then most likely she is attracted to you. There are many things besides the size of your dick that stimulates a women (despite what we may sometimes think). Don’t fall into the “porn identity” thinking that everyone has a 9+ inch dick. Your intellect, humor and physical appearance may be three of the primary keys to attraction, however they don’t play equally in the equation. When you look in the mirror is your dick the first thing you look at? I doubt it. Have you caught her eyeing your package? That isn’t the first thing she is looking at either. Remember the positive things about yourself and emphasize those. Men are not the only ones with a lack of self-confidence just because we believe we don’t “measure” up. Women have just as many if not more problems with self image. Breast size, hips and hair are just the first three that popped into my mind, but aren’t even close to all of the “problems” that they are constantly battling.

You will have to learn to love yourself before you can truly love someone else. It comes with maturity, but be honest with yourself. Before starting PE’ing I was less than 6”. Now I am just over the 6” mark. Gains are great, but self-confidence goes further. Search the threads. You will find others with large sticks that continue to have self-confidence and emotional problems. A big dick does not always fix our self image, it comes from within.

PE is not a magical pill that grows big dicks overnight and it is not a solution to everyday success. Dedicated PE’ing can help with mental and physical conditioning ultimately improving sexuality. You say you are not a virgin, then you should know that there is more to sex then a penis sliding in and out of a vagina. There is a lot to say about technique. Once again, there are threads concerning big dicks losing out to smaller ones. The available information on the internet and the public library is amazing concerning sex and technique. Don’t be selfish and your current equipment (fingers, tongue, penis and more) can provide plenty of pleasure.

First, read as much as you can. Second, set a reasonable goal. Third, develop (or steal) a beginners routine that you will be able to maintain. Keep reading, reading, and read some more. Welcome to the best and free PE site hands down! Also, read over the guidelines for posting. Use proper sentence structure and capitalization. Did I say keep reading? Good, read some more! Good luck. Keep us posted on how things go.

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