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Help needed, Part II

Help needed, Part II

Hey fellas,

This is my second time posting this but things have changed and I want to see what you guys think. ALL comments are welcomed.

(First post)
For the past few months my penis has been getting less and less hard when erect. I’ve been having problems urinating. I’ll get the urge, tickle to go but it takes me a long time to get a stream out. There is also very little force behind it. The stream is also very sporadic and it feels like I have to “push through” something that’s blocking the path, almost like urinating after a long night of sex. I have noticed that when I ejaculate it comes out clear with chunks, parts being very white and sticky. After ejaculation my penis feels very full and I have started having to jelq afterwards to squeeze out the excess ejaculate that for whatever reason gets “trapped” inside. Lastly, I noticed that something seems to be obstructing the left “half” of my penis. (If you looked straight down at your penis and vertically split it in two) My penis gets plump and very hard on the right side yet the left side doesn’t seem to expand at all. Crude drawing: l) This causes my penis to fill up more on the right side and thus flopping over to the left, like a banana. Although my urologist didn’t think so this seems to be very comparable to Peyronie Disease.

(Since the first post)
I thought that it might be Bacterial Prostatitis and as such have been taking Cipro for two months and Flomax for 10 days. They have increased my ability to urinate some and I have noticed a slight increase in erection quality after taking the meds.

When I achieve an erection there is no response from my testicles, meaning that they do not “pull up” or “tighten up” like they should/used to. Also, they usually feel very cold to the touch even when I have achieved an erection. I also have noticed a bump on the left side of the head, on the side that it has started curving to. This bump is very sensitive and can sometimes kill my erection if I touch it too much. I think this bump might be affecting my ability to urinate as well, if it is not something internal, as I have noticed that I get a very sharp burning sensation near the head when trying to force urination and sometimes I get a bit of ejaculate in my urine after pushing. It really feels like there is something obstructing the path.

I just don’t know what to think anymore, you know? Seems like I can’t isolate the problem well enough to cure it. Is there a chance that this problem could stem from sexual exhaustion? I hardly ever give myself a break whether it’s from PE or from masturbation? Could I have masturbated enough to deform my penis, lol? Peyronie’s, maybe?

You should go to the doctor - what if it’s a tumor or something?

I have been to several GPs and a urologist. That is why I was on the antibiotics for two months. I, as well as my doc, thought it might be prostatitis.. Which isn’t completely ruled out I’m just saying that no solid progress in two months has me thinking it might be something else. Lol. I think this is something that I have caused, not a tumor.


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