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Help my size is soooo small


Help my size is soooo small

I’m new to this forum and this whole penis enlargment thing.


4.0 inches in length
5.5 inches in girth

I’m screwed! It’s soo damn small. No woman’s ever going to want me. I’m a virgin in my mid 20s.

I feel totally worthless as a man. Which girl’s ever going to want me? Midget’s probably have bigger dicks than me.

Do these penis enlargement techniques actually work? I’m really skeptical. How do they not cause injury?

4 years ago I started doing kegal exercises (just kegal). I did about 30-50 a day/every other day for a few weeks and I noticed that it caused a little erectile dysfunction (though I noticed that it was a little thicker). I stopped doing it.

I’m so fricken screwed. You guys are so damn lucky with your “average” 6 inch dicks. A 6 incher’s HUGE compared to mine.

Well, you’re here now. This is the place.

5.5 inches is a fat dick, mind you. Many people here would do anything for that kind of girth. And with the newbie routine chances are good that you will pick up some length, so skip the “I’m worthless” talk.

Welcome to Thunder’s.

5.5 inches girth is pretty big - no worries there. So you’ve got a thick dick and it will look even thicker given your length. Many women enjoy good girth and you’ve got it.

I don’t see how anything here will work for you until you change your totally negative attitude. Doing 40 kegels every other day is not going to cause erectile dysfunction. It was all in your head.

For the program to work, a positive attitude is a prerequisite.

Sorry for being negative, but when you’re a virgin and know that most women would point and laugh it does make you feel crummy. 4 inches is very small, but can I get by without doing the exercises, seeing as how it’s at least somewhat thick? I’m really scared of causing injury.

Are you over weight by any chance? Is your 4” length a bone pressed measurement where you press the ruler down to the pubic bone? Extra weight adds extra thickness to the fat pad and can make you look shorter then you really are.

Peanut, welcome to Thunder’s!

First of all, start being more positive, and just start the newbie routine. If you follow the instructions, there are no chances of injury.

And trust me, these excercises do work!

Nope, not overweight. It’s 4 inches long.

Oh yeah, is it a good idea to run these exercises over with a urologist and see what they say?

Doctors tend to see PE as futile and unreal. If you don’t believe the things you read in the manual, then by all means talk to your urologist about it.

But don’t expect him to tell you it works.

Where are our resident doctors?

4 years ago I did a lot of biking (35 km a day /5 days a week for 7 months). After each session I noticed that my crotch area was numb for 15-20 minutes after biking but didn’t pay attention to it. I then started noticing that it was hard getting and maintaining an erection. I started being depressed. I now have depression and social anxiety disorder too. Doc did a doppler (?) test to test for any veinous leakage but it was shown as normal (weird thing is, it was like 65% hard during the test).

I did some kegal exercises beacuse I heard it would make me last longer 6-7 months after I stopped biking and I noticed that I caused more ED. After stopping kegals I noticed it got better.

But I still have ED. Yeah, it may largely be due to depression and anxiety. But I also think it’s because of actual ED issues as well. And I don’t have high cholesterol or diabetes.

I don’t know what the hell’s going on. Maybe I should fix my other issues before starting anything like this.

Sorry guys for this post.

Ask your doctor for a little Cialis. Maybe a kick start is all you need. Once it is up and running again you will feel a lot better.

Originally Posted by gprent
Ask your doctor for a little Cialis. Maybe a kick start is all you need. Once it is up and running again you will feel a lot better.

I did 2 years ago. Erections were much better. It would get hard all on it’s own without the need for manual stimulation, which shows that I might have some circulation issues. And I’m only in my mid 20s god dammit!

Be thankful for what you guys have. And if you ride bikes, buy those ones that protect the crotch.

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