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Help me

Help me

A few weeks earlier after my workout I saw two small bulge(one you get after mosquito bite). It moves with my skin. It doesn’t hurt when pressed. I am having normal erection but I am afraid that I have injured my penis. These two spot are present on either side of a vein. So is it serious . What do I do cure it.

Sorry for my english.

Please,please help me. I am in very serious mood. I am thinking it as a cancer could it be.

I will be very obliged if you help me.

Sorry, I cannot help you, but have you searched through the injuries forum?

Dude, calm down.

Are you sure its not an ingrown hair? Do you have a picture? Are the bumps discolored?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Loyal, the better way to help you, will be posting some pictures.

But try to calm down, maybe somebody here, have had that bulges, and can help.

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I think I’ve had one of those bumps you describe, loyal. When I started PE I got one close to the base, right next to the dorsal vein. It didn’t hurt, so I just kept PEing and it didn’t get worse, and eventually after I left it alone for a while it just went away, although now there is a really slight mark where it was. It took about two weeks or so to go away, maybe even more, but if you have the same thing that I had, it’s really nothing to worry about.

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sounds like ingrown hairs or pimples to me. Some time off should cure that.

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If you really dont know what is the problem find a doctor.

Whatever you do don’t squeeze them like I did until you know exactly what it is. Oh and if you shouldn’t squeeze it don’t!


One of the bump has disappeared. I have started PEing. If the thing grows back again, I am going to post pic and find a doctor at any cost.


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