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Help me

Help me

hello im 19 yrs old and i don’t really have problems in bed but i’d like to improve to get the “pornstar penis” i’ve always wanted so i just joined the forums and i’ve been browsing for awhile but i’ve awhile trying to pick up some enlargement techs and there are alot of them. Which ones do i choose i mean i don’t have alot of money is there any techs i could learn that’s not expensive and time consuming im already 7 inches but i’d like to get bigger any help would be appreciated

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The forums are free. So you don’t need any money to really do anything. I understand you are from Germany, so English would be a second or even more distant language for you. So do your best and try to help us understand you, this can be accomplished by viewing the forum guidelines in that link. Plus we have a ton of German speakers here who can help you out if you get stuck.


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