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Help Me!

Help Me!

Hey guys, I’ve been browsing this board for a couple of months and have picked up a lot of knowledge from you guys. However, I have a major problem. A few months back I began to jelq/manual stretch for 2 days on/1 day off, etc.. but after a while i notice that I lose my 100% erection strength and when I’m about to have sex with a girl my erection level isn’t as good as it should be. Im relatively young low 20’s and because of this problem, I always end up quitting PE even though I know I can get some benefits from this. I also started taking L-Arganine for about 5-6 days to aid me in my PE quest. If you guys could leave some suggestions, solutions, or ideas please let me know.

Do you believe it is a physical issue or mental?

Ie could there be a bloodflow problem (or similar) or are you suffering from anxiety issues (or the like) related to your penis size or the look of your penis etc etc etc?

Well I thought it was from manual stretching ( the newbie routine posted by Luvadus) But i don’t know it could be mental.

A good way to tell if you can physically get a hard on is to notice if you still have erections when you wake up in the morning.

temporarily weak erections can occur if stretching is overdone or sexual activity too soon after a jelq work out. Imagine being invited for a 10 mile run after completing a marathon. Make sure that you rest sufficiently before attempting sex. Sometimes if you can’t wait and you perform weakly this freaks you out and a vicious cycle of performance anxiety ensues.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I agree with luvadus in all that he said. You might try some yohimbe along with the arginine to see if it helps. I’m sure if you take a few days off PE, your erection strength will be as good as ever.


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