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help me plz

help me plz

hiiii there

i m 21 and new in PE so i want u help me
my routine was :

10 min warm up
20 min stretch 4 set each set take 5 min
30 min wet jelq
10 min warm up

5 days in the week / but i take 5 days then i rest for 2 days then i do again
5 days
first week 20 min jelq
i use one hand my right and i use baby lotion

i just done it for 3 weeks but i have seen some gains ( about .5 cm )
but then i had pain in my balls ( i think coz i dont walk alot i sit alot and i dont feel the pain when i m stand just when i sit) its not big pain but i still feel it
and i had a pain in the base of my penis but its gone now coz i stopped

now my penis is thinner than before and the gains are gone and i think
its smaller than b4

the skin is also soft its not like b4 and i cant get erection like b4

its a nightmare but i know that PE is working but i didnt do it the right way

now i didnt practise from 1 month and i want to do it again
i want to start after 2 weeks

so can any body advise me what to do ?
and can i do it again ?? and what is the good routine ?
( i dont pracitse kegels coz i dont know how ? but i plan to do it )

sorry for my BAD ENGLISH

sorry for my BAD ENGLISH>>

No problem but please at least learn how to capitalize at the beginning of each sentence and end each sentence with a period.
Also capitalize the word “I”.

It sounds to me like you need to get exercise other than PE.
Perhaps a 30-30 min walk. Why? It is good for your general health, promotes healing, better sleep and more healthy thought patterns.

I would re start but go easier. start with maybe 15 min jelq and 10 min stretch. gradually build up over 6 weeks to 30 min jelq and 15 min stretch.

Definitely do a warm up before, but many people advise against a warmdown after. I also think that a warmdown may be counterproductive.

Very likely your erection issues are due to worry. Performance anxiety is the most common cause and very common in newbie PEers. What happens is we get too focused on our dicks and we in the back of our minds worry that we are injuring ourselves. After a workout it is normal for your unit to be a little red and the skin kind of puffy. there may also be some degree of “red dots”. All this is normal. A mild soreness is also normal, however if you feel like what you are experiencing is pain then you are doing something wrong. Welcome and good gains to you!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Your post made me laugh because you broke so many capital rules. It’s not easy this early in the morning!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I agree with Luv. And this might sound obvious, but at your age and with all of the attention you are giving to your penis, hopefully you aren’t putting off the physical need to ejaculate on a regular basis. You may already know this but I point it out anyway - sometimes it gets over-looked.
Often, a dull ache in the balls indicates a simple case of “blue balls”. Sometimes ejaculating and then resting for a day does wonders to relieve and revive an exhausted state. It releases emotional stress and re-balances body chemistry.
But consider everything Luv points out. It’s good advice.



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