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Help Me Please Need New Routine

Help Me Please Need New Routine

Hi friends of workout, this is my second thread here, first of all I’d like to thanks for the help you gave me at my last post, and now I’d like to receive help at making a new routine. I don’t know where to focus I’d like to gain girth and length, my erect length is 6,7” and my erect girth is 5,1”, my erection quality is 9, what do you advise me to focus length or girth? And what routine do you suggest? I was doing the newbie routine because I stopped PE for 1 month, now I’m making by the morning 10 minutes of warming, 10 minutes of inverted v-stretch, 10 dry jelqs for restore circulation and 10 minutes of warming, before sleep I’m doing 10 minutes of warming, 15 minutes of dry jelq, 10 minutes of warming but I think my penis don’t like it at last I haven’t got any Positive PI.
My routine is 5 days ON 2 days Off.

Thanks since now and good workout to you.

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Your size is fine. What’s your previous PE regimen? Gained with it? Your present routine sounds good, sole adjustement I’d do is to dry jelq 2on/1off instead than 5 on/2 off.

I’ve done the Newbie routine since I began PE, just adjusted the time like from 5 minutes jelq I passed to 10 then 15 then 20 minutes above it I get Negative PI. I never had big gains perhaps half inch and my EQ got even higher really a bone, but I never done a good PE training because of my addiction, I masturbate several time a day specially when I’m stressed and I don’t like to PE without 8 hours rest from a masturbation. But now I’m controlling myself. With this new routine I used then the newbie one I got the PI turtling after the training I think it’s not good. So to Dry Jelq 2ON 1OFF is better, to heal skin I imagine.

Skin doesn’t need to heal after dry jelqs, perhaps you are doing them wrong. Your hand shouldn’t slide on skin, should move together with the skin; you should use the skin as a lubricant.

Thanks again friends for answering. The skin doesn’t get hurt I have some skin free to use. Hey what level of erection do you suggest? Hey today I got a little more hard suddenly and it didn’t felt good, in fact it hurt, I stopped but the pain continue I’ll see how it will develop or heal, this is negative but my penis look bigger, this is positive. Thanks again marinera and iamaru.

Hey if I’m a normal gainer I began with erect length is 6,7” and my erect girth is 5,1”, is possible to achieve 7,5” length and 6” girth? If it is possible how many time it takes? Until now I just got EQ and half inch, I’ve been practising for 1 year but not disciplined, lonely moment and parties doesn’t help. And the last question: How long does it take to see Positive PI? I know that Negative ones you see immediately.

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Starting at 6.7 and having gained 0.5 already should definitely make 7.5 possible!

Thanks. But I’m inpatient so.. I want to have rapid gains. Hey the pain stopped but the size is smaller than usual, but I don’t know if it is because today was hot and now is cold as antartida, so I think it was a Negative PI.

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