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Help me I'm an idiot

Help me I'm an idiot

Well, because I over did it a while back I took some time off. My dick was feeling pretty good so I started masturbating up again about 2 weeks ago. My dick got kinda sore but I didn’t think much of it. Well I started my routine again 4 days ago and my dick was a little sore going into it so I gave it about 40 jelqs and called it quits. My dick hung better the next day but was still kind of sore. I told myself I was going to give it a full week of complete rest (no touching at all). But last night I pulled it a little, honestly only once and not hard whatsoever. Last night and this morning I have had this pain on the bottom left side of my unit about .5 inches away from the glands. I am pretty sure I injured this a while back, very minor, by gripping to hard on my stretches. I actually took a look at it and noticed very little discoloration but the pain is definitely there. The thing that throws me off is that I’m still getting great wood, morning and night, but that also might be because I’m 18. Anyone know what I injured? What is the quickest and best way to heal it? I really want to get back into jelqing because it was doing great for me about 4 months ago. I just really feel like I am blowing my chance at getting a bigger dick.

Sorry this was long I am just trying to explain it as best as I can.

1 Goal: Get a 100% healthy unit

2 Goal: Get back into jelqing

3 Goal: Get back into stretching (which has been more or less the cock block of me doing PE) without injuring myself

4 Goal: GROW

Any advice to achieve these goals would be Greatly appreciated

The fact that you’re still getting morning wood, and good wood at that, is a very good sign. What you have probably done is stressed and bruised your dick, due to it not being fully conditioned. However, if you keep doing PE while it is not totally healed, you can turn the injury into a long term problem, so heed the warning signs! Discolouration and pain, especially for a newbie means STOP.

It may be that you are one of the lucky ones that does not need a lot of force. Read sparkyx’s PI and EQ threads. “Live long and prosper” :)

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Thanks marky, any idea of how long I should take off? Because most of my PIs are good and I usually think I’m 85-100 % when I’m not. That’s my biggest problem.

You need to wait for complete healing.

I am not an expert, you need to wait for the vets to chime in. It could be that stretching is not for you. I only know that repeatedly stressing an injury (of any type) before it heals can cause permanent damage. You have probably got away with it this time, because you asked for advice and took it. Getting a bigger dick is a multi-year adventure, don’t rush it.

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Well since the vets aren’t chiming in I will take your advice, you can be my veteran for now haha. Thanks

Well I am no veteran but I do read up on a lot of posts here (from the veterans), and the advice I always see is wait for complete healing then continue along cautiously and do your exercises under a lower intensity. You do have to watch your grip when you are stretching I tend to get a little tight myself when I do it. it sounds like your bruised your dick as Mr. Marky777 suggested. I think you already knew the answer to this one (although it is wise to get confirmation from the vets.) To speed it up, you could maybe put a warming device (WARM (not hot) washcloth would do fine) and your dick a couple times a day. Heat gets blood flowing and hat usually clears up most problems faster. Keep us updated on the situation, though.

How deep is this soreness? You may have just gave yourself a small skin burn from a tight stretching grip. I have one now and it will just heal over. If the pain you have is deep (i.e. from within the erectile tissue chambers), then you should lay off it for a while (about two weeks to start).

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