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Help it's getting thicker, but not longer


Tiny (which you are NOT!!),

I would be more than happy with your size, especially your girth!
As far as only gaining erect length and not flaccid, thats not uncommon.
I know I’ve gained well as far as erect length is concerned, but gained maybe half that in flaccid length.
Besides, its the erect length that counts… a soft dick is no use to anyone!

Determining your flaccid length can be tough. It changes throughout the day. I currently use the minimum size of my flaccid, I find it easier to keep track of. However if you would like to use the average or the size it gets after a couple of minutes that’s just fine too. Don’t worry about it just consistent so you can keep track of your gains.

Girth is usually measured at the middle of the shaft at Thunders. Mid girth is usually the closest to the average girth of your dick and for some the base girth is a lot thinner or bigger than the rest. That’s why midgirth is used here. I for one have a midgirth of 5.95” and a basegirth of 7.1”.

Go have fun with your girlfriend.


I already have the length my wife wants but I would kill to have girth like yours!

"Don't be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Go to school and study computers instead." Jackie Chan

Okay, tinythebigheart, you may not have massive length yet, but you do have some nice girth to to with. Pretty much 6 inches EG is a goal many here strive for. I’m getting very close to 8x6, I’ve mostly been working on girth lately, and I will go beyond that (8x6), but it sounds like you have a good fat unit. I think most girls would probably be happier with you size than say a 7 inch long one with 4.5 inches of girth or whatever. Keep working at it, you shall succeed!

Join the club. I get the same shit. I basically quit jelqing when my unit got to 6.34” midshaft. I began doing nothing but stretching type exercise. I ended up losing down to about 6.1+ midshaft, but so what. I’m after length, which is a real bitch for me.

I’m currently 7.5+ BPEL, but if I had continued jelqing, I bet my girth would be around 7” midshaft by now - and my cock would look stubby and like a brick (the opposite of what I want, as I want the look of length - a long cock to hit the CDS and drive the pussy mad).

I’d say backoff the jelqs & do lots of stretching.

Wad’s giving you good advice here. Layoff the the jelqing(don’t stop those completely, maybe cut down to about 200) and squeezes and concentrate on getting a good stretch routine going. Try wrapping to promote your flacid hang.

A lot of good advice in the above for you “Tiny” :)

You did the right thing to leave her, as far as I can see. All I will add to the above is to stress the importance of at least a little light jelqing, to promote good circulation (not necessarily to expand anything) and also to break up any scar tissue which would limit your expansion when erect.

tiny—- I’m a bit older than you and I have the exact same size. I can assure you that you are above average.. I feel very bad for a woman who needs something bigger. My current lover complains that my 5.8” girth is too much for her so I’m worried about gaining any more! If I get to 6” girth she may have too much trouble..
I can assure you that when we get in bed~ I am in control (she can get a little loud).

I think you are doing pretty good at your current size….Find an honest bed mate and enjoy yourself. I think your dating too many women who are on a power trip…Take what some of these bigger guys say about being too big to heart. Good Luck dude……


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