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Help Is one Lig more dominant than the other?

Help Is one Lig more dominant than the other?

I am not new to jelqing but I have realized a problem that is developing. When I jelq I have noticed a few things

1) My right lig is much more harder and erect than my left lig.

2) When I grip with the left hand the jelq is perfect and leveled, however when I grip with the right hand to jelq it seems the penis rotates in my hand automatically making the left lig come up on top more and the left lig goes under. It seems as if my right lig is more dominant. My right hand is having trouble to grip the way my left does, as if the strengths in each hand is or grip form is different and it is really difficult to correct as I have tried. My left hand thumb gives the right lig a real good stretch while the right hand thumb seems to push the left lig down.

3) When I jelq my penis head gets a better stretch up from the left hand where, the index and thumb connect, and at the point that they tip right under the mushroom part to fulfill the stretch
When I jelq my penis head with the right hand my grip where, I try to rotate upward from under while approaching the head but the stretch isnt the same and does not get the full effect as the opposite hand.

4) Where my pee hole is the meatus seems to be more higher on my right and slightly less higher on my left. When I pee I noticed the pee goes crooked and not straight.

5) When I looked from the top while pissing this morning I noticed my penis head was rotated more towards the left so my right lig would be “higher” on the rotation than the left when it is supposed to be leveled.

I am afraid this is all due from too much masturbation that my penis turned out like this =( . I try not to masturbate too much anymore often trying to leave long streaks of not masturbating.

In ESSENCE my right lig always gets a better stretch than my left and I am afraid my penis starting to A) curve at the head B) rotate making my right lig face diagonally up and my left leg face diagonally down.

I NEED HELP IN FIXING THIS. Any suggestions?

I think you need to check your anatomy; ligs cannot get hard and erect.

Having a less than perfectly straight penis is totally normal. Many guys have a degree of bend or rotation in their shaft. A slightly uneven meatus is also quite normal.

A lot of guys find that they get some straightening over a few months of doing PE just from exercising evenly with each hand, however some guys who started off straight find they get a little bit of curve or rotation from PE because they are consistently doing it unevenly.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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I see what you mean, I was referring to the Corpus Cavernosum and I meant one just felt quite noticeably stronger than the other. And I will try to fix my grip although it is hell on my right hand thumb doing so. Thanks

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