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help is appreciated

help is appreciated

hi guys,

i am reading about penis enlargement since a month. finally i get this great web site.
my question is the following:
mine is 5.25 length , 5.5 girth. i have very hard erection. and when it is errected. i feel like because of the hard errection it is difficult to get gains because the skin will not expand.

is that correct? or i can still succede.

my target is 7 length.


Welcome to the forum.

Don’t worry you can still succeed with PE. The skin is the least of your worries it will expand easily. PE is more about stretching much tougher tissue. A lot of people have started in your position.

Read everything you can, and if you have questions ask them here. Good luck.

Also please read the Forum Guidelines. For your information ‘I’ should always be capitalised and we have a spell checker here if you have a problem with spelling.

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Hello Norman,

Ah I like Molsoon Ice myself, have not had it in forever. Had Molson Triple XXX once smugglled in via my Asian friend. Quite tasty.

Anyhow, welcome aboard. Here is a good starting point I think. Check out these threads.

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